Soda Experiment



Different sodas have different amounts of corn syrup, acid, dies, and sugars.  The more of each of these ingredients that the drinks contain the more damaging to your teeth.  The drinks with the most sugars had the most plaque build up, which means that plaque is a result of sugar.  The drink with the most sugar was Dr. Pepper. That is why the Dr. Pepper egg in my experiment that I did not brush with tooth paste had the most plaque buildup.  Also the drinks with the most brown die stained the teeth the most.  That is why the egg soaked in Monster did not have any color change.  The acids in the drinks was the worst for the eggs (and your teeth).  It actually burns through  the calcium, which softens the tooth enamel making it more prone to bacteria and makes it more fragile.  The egg soaking in Monster that I did not brush, broke by the third day because the Monster had the most acid which then dissolved the calcium in it.

I found out that the worst drink was the Dr. Pepper.  It showed the most color change early on and broke before most of the other drinks.  Monster was terrible from plaque build up, not color change.  As long as I brushed it everyday with toothpaste it turned out to be the best for you.  Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke were pretty good for you to as long as you brushed after, proving one of my hypothesis's that the diet drinks were better for you because there was less sugar and the sugar was one of the main reasons of the plaque build up and eventual breaking of the egg.  Regardless of the drink, when you brushed it, it was less damaging than the regular ones.