Soda Experiment


Introduction to my Experiment

            I did an experiment on how different sodas and energy drinks damage teeth.  I used eggshells because they have the same salts and calcium as our teeth.  The sugars and carbohydrates in the drinks stain and dissolve the eggshells, just like our teeth.  The major difference is that I’m actually going to leave the eggs in the soda for a week, which is a lot different than taking sips.

            I poured two glasses of each drink into cups, in which I put eggs in.  I brushed the eggs in one of every drink with toothpaste once a day, to see if it would be less damaging.  Then I let them sit in the cups where every day I took observational notes and I took videos.  My hypothesis is that the energy drink will do more damage than the sodas and the diet sodas will do less damage than the regular sodas.